Bender's "Sky Flow" Yoga Day Festival!

April 07, 2018

It was a blast attending the "Sky Flow" Yoga Day Festival in downtown LA! The weather was perfect for yoga rooftop yoga classes, rooftop meditation sessions, followed by a sunset party from 5pm-8pm. Our favorite part was definitely the sunset party which included lots of dancing to music by DJs Eric Sharp & Lisbona Sisters accompanied with delicious food trucks. We had the pleasure of hosting the full bar with specialty drinks we made custom for this event. To tie in the theme of the event, we created some specialty drinks alongside our traditional spirits, wines, and beers. Some of these specialty drinks included: "Elderflower Fizz" St. Germain, Brut Sparkling Wine and Lemon with a Lemon Twist Garnish, "Red Bull Charcoal Cocktail"with activated charcoal to cleanse toxins from the body, "A Whiskey Coke, Honey" with Bourbon, Honey, Coca-Cola or Diet. The drink decorations such as; watermelon slices, pineapple slices with pink or yellow striped straws, helped capture the springtime vibe along with the bar decorations. 

Premiere Events Special Drinks Menu- Sky Flow Festival

A Whiskey Coke, Honey ll Bourbon, Honey, Coca-Cola or Diet

    Red Bull Charcoal Cocktail ll Red Bull, Vodka, Activated Charcoal, Watermelon


Posted by Karsen Kolnicki, Premiere LA Digital Marketing Intern-