“I have another party coming up next year and will be hiring Premiere for the bar again!”

-M S., Yelp Review ★★★★★

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"They were the bar for the Jazz nights at the Hammer in 2017. Stiff drinks. Friendly & cool bartenders. Fair prices. What else can you ask for? A+" 

- Diego C., Yelp Review ★★★★★

“We needed a turnkey, reliable catering solution… Premiere Events came highly recommended and now we know why! They are professional, courteous, flexible, considerate and they consistently deliver beyond our expectations. From the licensing process to bar staffing to security… these guys have it totally dialed in.  We are incredibly happy with Premiere Events and would recommend them a hundred times over.”

– Erika Seress, Erika Seress Photography


Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 2.00.23 PM.png

“Premiere Catering has added a whole new level of professional service to our First Fridays event. They elevated the selection of options, quality and execution of services and are easy to work with. Elle and her team have been a champion of at our events.”

- Su Oh, Director of Programs, Education & Exhibits Division, Natural History Museum


“Forget the Vanity Fair soiree, or even the party for New Line Cinema (which made the “Lord” trilogy), a more sedate affair in the belly of the Pacific Design Center. The hottest bash in town last night was at the Hollywood American Legion; [Produced and catered by Premiere Events].”

- Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times

“Our wedding had a 14 member band, photo booth, separate kids play area, two high end lunch trucks parked in an outdoor lounge, a large dance floor and seating inside. None of the 12 other venues we viewed even came close to accomplishing that. Plus Elle and her staff were great to work with.”

- Daniel Yoo

“We have worked with Premiere Events every year for over a decade, and they have always treated us like family. They make throwing a party easy for us, remembering every detail while taking all the stress out of our event planning. Their staff is consistently delightful and professional. Our experience with them makes it a pleasure for us to heartily recommend them.”

- Ted Bonnitt, CEO, 7th Planet Radio Pictures, Inc., Madame Tussauds


“As a television producer, I am constantly working with various venues for shoot locations, special events and production parties…and Premiere Events is the first company I turn to for any of my food, beverage or venue needs. They are always professional, well organized, accommodating, knowledgeable, and continue to exceed my expectations.”

– Vanessa Katona, Television Producer


"The folks at Premiere are fantastic to work with.  They go out of their way to understand what you need from your event, and to make your 'vision' happen. Our special party went so smoothly; and their staff even dressed up to match our theme for the evening!  Above and beyond the call of duty! :) Their professionalism is matched by their warmth and attention to detail. We've worked with Premiere on several events, and we would always use them again - highly recommended!  Thank you Mark and Moriah for an unforgettable party!"

–Kirsten C., Yelp Review (Boston, MA)

"Premiere Events made my wedding happen! What an amazing and GOOD-LOOKING staff! haha! My husband and I had our wedding at one of Premiere Events' venue space LOT 613. They were able to work with our colorful vision of a wedding and execute it beautifully. Their Bar setup and drinks were SO LEGIT, all of our guests were deeply impressed. It was great working with Natalie and Elle who responds so quickly to emails. Thank you Premiere events for a unforgettable night!"

– Mindy L., Yelp Review (Los Angeles, CA)

"I have worked with premier events many times for my marketing and event production business and I am very happy with their level of service. I have done events in various locations and they not only guide me through the process , they deliver the most cost effective way to create a great event. I will continue to use them in the future as I love working with Elle and Mark. (PS. They also manage their own location, so they come with all the answers for your questions)."

–Edgar V., Yelp Review (Los Angeles, CA)

"I have worked with Premiere Events for years as they were highly recommended from my predecessor.  I could see why immediately. First of all, they are 100% on point. They handle everything from permits to pastries. They always plan ahead and bring enough extra everything, just in case. For example, for an annual event that I do outside they came with extra pop ups in case it rained. They also set up the bar with all the bells and whistles so it looked great but could be rearranged quickly if the weather turned. They can work with limited resources and tight space and their little touches are great. Another example: They brought some decor at our Halloween event just to add to the ambiance at the bar.  They were those plastic pumpkins...the ones where a hand reaches out if you try to grab the candy. The guests loved it and it was a nice touch that I wouldn't have thought of.  Everyone on their team works really hard, throughout the entire event. Second of all, they are a really nice group of people.  When I do a fundraiser and there is limited budget, they always make it work.  When I have asked for donations they always step up to the plate. When I have need advice or a connection, they know what to do and who to call. Premiere Events supports the community and always want to make it right for the customer. They make it work with the budget, the timeline, and never make me feel like I am asking too much.  I called them last minute to throw something small together in our conference room and they made it look like it was planned for months with a big budget.  It's really amazing to see them work so hard and fast.  Mark is an angel and having Brian on the team is a perfect compliment.  I can honestly say that they are excellent partners to work with and I have never had anything like than stellar service."

– K.K., Yelp Review (Valley Village, CA)

"Recently was at fabulous event catered by Premiere Events and boy was I impressed!! The bar tenders were professional and made excellent cocktails. Highly recommend them!!!"

–Mel R., Yelp Review (Santa Monica, CA)

"Premiere Events has successfully catered numerous events for nonprofit and corporate clients represented by my firm CauseConnect. For example, for the past two years, the Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) has hosted its annual fundraising gala for 300 guests at LOT 613, a venue operated by Premiere Events, which was also catered by Premiere Events. Attendees (and the organization's staff) praised the food, the service, and the venue. I highly recommend the services of Premiere Events and the professionalism of Natalie Reynosa, Elle Nucci, Mark Gallo, and the entire Premiere Events team."

–Melissa R., Yelp Review (Houston, TX)

"The friendliest staff I've ever encountered at any function! They go above and beyond!"

–Anonymous Yelp Review (Gowanus, NY)