Premiere Events works with a number of different venues in and around Los Angeles. We hold special events at public venues and private properties and Premiere Events is available to find the right venue specialized for your event.


Broadcast Studio and Music

 A performance complex set up with sound, lighting and more.

Contemporary Gallery 

This modern gallery space is easily convertible to match the needs of your unique event!

 Dazzling Architectural Space

Our newest venue! Eye catching architectural designs make for a sophisticated, picturesque event.

Vintage Rock Gallery

Stylish venue right on Sunset Strip! Classy venue for a variety of events.

12th Floor Penthouse with Rooftop View

This 12 floor penthouse space has a spacious patio along with a beautiful view of the city. This space has plenty of room to accommodate all music and entertainment needs.

Bright Barnhouse

This primitive, bright barn-house is a quaint space perfect for any event.

Open Industrial Warehouse

This bright clean space is functional for any event. Long guest list? No problem! This space can accommodate parties of all sizes. 

Eloquent Ballrooms

These elegant spaces is the perfect venue for fancy event! This venue is great for accommodating a large number of guests. 

Cosmopolitan Showroom 

Located in the vibrant city of downtown Los Angeles, this trendy space offers a diverse location for all events. 

Charming Event Space

This charismatic and versatile building has various rooms to accommodate any party of any size and any style.

Studio Stages

Historical Landmarks

Looking to host your event as a museum or historical landmark? We've got the right venues of you! We are proud to be able to tie the history of Los Angeles into your event. 

Serene Outdoor Space

This venue is a perfect fit for the upcoming summer months. A great place to hold graduation parties, weddings, birthdays, reunions, any outdoor party you can imagine!

Retro Disco

Disco isn’t dead! Go back in time with this retro themed venue. Lots of room for dancing and having a good time.