IAC Masquerade Charity Ball, 2017

We were excited to help the Israeli-American Committee's 1st Annual LEAD Black Tie Masquerade Ball benefitting Lehosheet Yad L.A. and children with cancer in Israel. This beautiful black tie event was held at Hotel Alexandria in Downtown Los Angeles, a perfect venue for midnight masquerades like this! 

IAC Lead is a membership-based network of Israeli and Jewish American professionals (ages 25-45) whose purpose is to build a sense of philanthropic engagement. Lead members are invited to monthly events that focus on leadership development, community impact, Israel advocacy and education, and outreach to the non-Jewish community. The program is designed to provide meaningful content and concrete opportunities to lean, grow, interact with high-caliber individuals and develop members into young leaders. the IAC Lead program is one of the most engaging and successful young leadership program in Los Angeles, and is the only one aimed at ensuring the next generation of active Israeli-American and Jewish American philanthropists and influencers. 

Premiere Events Signature Drinks Menu - Masquerade Ball

Caramel Apple Kiss || Vodka, Apple Liqueur, Cranberry

Ginger Honey Old Fashioned || Bushmills, Ginger, Honey, Cinnamon Stick

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