Tasty Friday: Sake and Sushi

November 11th, 2011 | Posted by Marketing in Events

Today our Premiere Events Management Team had an incredibly
informative and fun food and beverage meeting!  The men from
Pacific International Liquor came to our office to showcase their
sake and beer.  We learned a lot – how sake and beer are made as
well as the processes that each type of liquor goes through before
reaching our table.  We also learned that Japanese sakes and
beers not only go great with sushi, they go great with all types of
foods! Sake can be served warm, chilled or at room temperature,
but certain sakes are best served at room temperature or chilled.
We learned that sparkling sake Mizbasho is made in a similar
way to Champagne, and that the producers even went to France
learn the Champagne process.  Kigen sake comes in a bottle or
in a box for larger events and celebrations.  It can be sipped,
taken as shots or mixed drinks, flavored with syrups, or infused
with fresh fruit like sangria! The syrups come in many flavors,
including ginger, which we can’t wait to pair with a seared ahi

The Japanese beer that we tasted, Kawaba, is a wheat beer
comparable to a Blue Moon or Heffewiezen.  However, we found
it to be particularly fresh and crisp and agreed it would go great
with steak or spicy food.  Overall the sake tasting was a very
enjoyable experience.  We look forward to learning more details
about the different types of liquors available to us so that we can
share our knowledge with clients and create beautiful, unique
events themed all the way to the beverages.  We look forward to
throwing a Japanese themed celebration with many refreshing
drinks, unique foods and, of course, paper lanterns!

-Natalie Reynoso Marketing Manager


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