Create:Fixate, I Art You at Lot 613

February 13th, 2012 | Posted by Marketing in Lot 613


Saturday was Create:Fixate’s 10 Year Anniversary Exhibit, I Art You at Lot 613. This show was dedicated to Charles Berc aka Papa Create:Fixate and supported by many patrons of the arts. Student art work from Create:Fixate’s community partner, A Place Called Home, was showcased in the main gallery and there was were two Valentine’s card making stations for children and adults to express their creativity. There was  live painting face off on a Nissan Sentra by John Park, Christina Angelina, Max Neutra, and Michael Pukac.

Art, photogrpahy, sculptures and music by Create:Fixate Artists: Annie Terrazzo, Art Weeks, Brian Robertson,  Curtis Brooks, Donna Trousdale, Emily White, Erik Abel, Gus Harper, Isabelle Alford-Lago, Jeff Klari, Jeremy Crabtree, JK Wasson, John, Park, Jon Measure, Kat Shoa, L. Croskey, Luis Sanchez, Michelle Nielsen, Mike Russek, Neil Russell, Saul Escobar, Sebastian Halmagean, Sean Chango Chaffey, Stephanie Han, Zig Gron, Tari Karkanen

Fashion, jewlery and crafts were sold by, Delevo Designs,  Irene LAVA Jewels,Jenneration Fix, Luv Warrior, Pink Pianos, (soy’-ka) designs, and iola Living Jewels.

–Natalie Reynoso Mar­ket­ing Manager

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